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For those of you that visit the web site and blog on a regular basis may have noticed over the past several months not a lot of activity. At last I am getting control of editing the content of the web site and plan on updating many of the pages. So be looking for changes over the next days, weeks and months.

The first changes have already taken place. The Haiku button has been deleted and replaced with a Search button for the museum specimen database. What this means is that there is not going to be a Haiku contest this year. Sorry to all the poetry lovers out there but I am a music lover not a poetry lover and with the loss of personal at the museum here there is no way I feel like I can take on the job of judging the entries.

The database continues to grow in record numbers. Currently there are over 60,650 records and growing. While just a drop in the bucket of all the specimens in the collection it is a start and a number that is added to usually daily. I am also taking images of the holotype labels and hope to begin uploading them soon.

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  1. Margaret Donald says:

    Really sad about the haiku. Perhaps the Entomological Society might be motivated to take up the slack.
    I thought it was a lovely way of sharing your love of, and enthusiasm for, these (generally) tiny creatures.

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