Insect of the week – number 102

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3 Responses to “Insect of the week – number 102”

  1. Margaret Donald says:

    I know it would lengthen the entry, but I am always curious as to the idiosyncratic reasons for the choice of insect of the week….

  2. Andrew Ernst says:

    Thanks for the comment Margaret!

    I’m not sure how the other authors go about choosing the species the decide to highlight, but often it is something that I have come across that catches my eye. For this insect of the week, I noticed that we hadn’t done any odonates recently, so I went to our collection and found these spectacular damselflies that I had occasionally seen flying around small streams when I am collecting. After spending a little time looking up literature I decided it would be an interesting choice.

  3. Margaret Donald says:

    Lovely insect. And thanks for the reply.

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